This is where all our Union Brothers and Sisters can find information they need from our Contract to Discipline Protection. There is resource information for our Shop Stewards as well to help them with grievance proceedings when one of our Union Member are caught up in a disciplinary situation. 


What you can find is Manuals for all our Union Brothers and Sisters that can assist you and your Shop Stewarts that help to educate and protect you in the knowledge of job. As NALC Branch President Tony Paolillo would always say, "Knowledge is Power" when ever you see him.



Publications and Information

Reference material to help in educating our Union Members on the latest issues.


Shop Steward Material

When discipline is place upon one of our members it can be very stressful and here is where the NALC comes in. On this site we have resources to help our Shop Stewards resolve the issue which include the Contract, the M-41, the M-39 and other materials to help in a timely matter. As soon as a discipline is imposed upon you have to inform your Union Representative immediately cause there is a limited time frame to process the case.

Standard Training Program
for City Letter Carriers

The Standard Training Program for City Letter Carriers has been rolled out nationwide. For the first time
since the inception of the standard training program,all new city letter carriers will attend. The intention of the
program is to provide new letter carriers with the skills andknowledge necessary to successfully perform their duties.

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