Upcoming Events

Our Flushing Letter Carriers branch may be one of the most active in the nation. We have our monthly  meetings to educate our membership, Family Events such as our Annual Picnic and Children's Christmas Party, Sports Events, Scholarship Awards, Blood Drives, Annual Food Drive you name it.

Our monthly Flushing Letter Carriers NALC Br.294 meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Knights of Columbus in Flushing on 160 street just off Northern Blvd. Our General Meetings for our membership will begin at around 6PM. Food and beverages will be available to all that attend. Read the postings at your Station where the Shop Steward will post our meetings and any changes or cancellations that may come about.

National Conventions

Biennial Convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers

The 73rd Convention in 2024 is Aug. 5-9 in Boston

The 74th Convention in 2026 is Aug. 3-7 in Los Angeles

The 75th Convention in 2028 is July 31-Aug. 4 in Minneapolis

The 76th Convention in 2030 is Aug. 19-23 in Honolulu

Know Your Weingarten Rights

An employee is entitled to Union Representation when all of the following conditions are met: The employee must be questioned in connection with an
investigation; The employee must reasonably believe he or she may be disciplined as a result of the answers; and. The employee must request representation.


Here is where you will find some of the latest News that affects the USPS, NALC and You

March 02, 2024

President Biden announces intent to nominate Marty Walsh to USPS Board of Governors

On Feb. 29, President Biden announced his intent to nominate Marty Walsh to serve on the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors (BOG).

Walsh’s name will be sent to the Senate in order to fill one of two seats on the BOG vacated Dec. 8, 2023, when the terms of Captain Lee Moak and William Zollars expired. Walsh is a Democratic nominee. The administration has not yet put forward an intended nominee for the vacant Republican seat.

In accordance with the Postal Reorganization Act, the president nominates the nine-member BOG, which is responsible for overseeing the executive management of USPS. By law, no more than five members can be affiliated with the president’s political party.

President Biden previously nominated Walsh to serve as the secretary of labor, and he led the agency from 2021-2023. Prior to service as labor secretary, Walsh served as Boston’s mayor from 2014-2021. Walsh is a second-generation member of the Laborers’ Local Union 223. He currently serves as the executive director of the National Hockey League Players’ Association, the union representing players in the National Hockey League.

The next step for Walsh’s nomination is for it to officially be sent to the Senate to be considered by the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Once advanced by the committee, his nomination needs to be approved by a Senate majority to be confirmed.

President Biden’s announcement comes while NALC has a major ask pending at the White House regarding the misallocation of the Postal Service’s retirement fund obligations. For more than 52 years, this unjust burden has affected the Postal Service’s finances, resulting in a loss of more than $90 billion.

President Biden has full legal authority to stop the raid on the postal pension fund. By directing the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to implement a new and fair methodology, President Biden could right this wrong with one simple executive action and safeguard the Postal Service’s financial stability. This is NALC’s top priority with the White House.

“Marty Walsh is a great friend of letter carriers and the NALC. His life’s work is to better the lives of working people. We look forward to his contribution to strengthening the Postal Service for years to come following his confirmation to the Board.” NALC President Brian L. Renfroe said.

While we are excited about Secretary Walsh’s upcoming nomination, NALC’s focus with the administration is to end the continued failure to fairly value the Postal Service’s pension assets. President Biden can and should stop the raid of the CSRS fund immediately by instructing OPM to implement the widely accepted and recommended valuation methodology.”

Click here to contact White House officials and ask them to stop the raid on the postal pension fund.

March 03, 2024

Nolan selected as chair of interest arbitration panel

The National Association of Letter Carriers and the U.S. Postal Service have selected Arbitrator Dennis R. Nolan to serve as the neutral chair of a three-person interest arbitration panel to set the terms of a new National Agreement between the NALC and the Postal Service. Under the law, each side will also appoint union and management representatives to serve on the panel and represent their respective positions.

Arbitrator Nolan is a member of the American Arbitration Association’s labor panel and has been a full-time labor arbitrator since 1976, serving for many years as a national arbitrator on the NALC/USPS panel. In 1985, he was selected for membership in the National Academy of Arbitrators, and eventually served as its president in 2006. Arbitrator Nolan served as the parties’ neutral arbitrator in the interest arbitration proceedings for the 2019 National Agreement, which were near conclusion when the parties reached a negotiated settlement late in 2020.

As final preparations for interest arbitration are made, NALC and the Postal Service continue to negotiate in an attempt to reach a tentative agreement. Further updates will be provided as the collective bargaining process moves forward.



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